Chance Chance is an exclusive model for Club2001, and has appeared in other titles for that company. He’s also blown guys away with stunning magazine covers and spreads. He’s a definite draw, with just about one of the hottest faces to ever appear in gay porn. His body is to die for - smooth, trim, tight, lean and ripped (yes! All of that!). But it’s his cock that helped put him over the top as a superstar. Suffice to say, it’s huge!

Combine his rockin’ hot looks, his awesome body, his huge dick and his massive sex appeal that just oozes out of every pore in his body, and it’s no wonder An American In Prague is one of Bel Ami’s best selling titles and what many gay porn lovers and Bel Ami fans consider an absolute and total must have.

Name(s): Chance

From: NY, USA

Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5’11’’

Weight: 170 lbs.

Hair: Blondish-Brown

Eyes: Blue

Preference: Top

Status: Inactive with Bel Ami, exclusive with Club2001

Select titles Chance has appeared in:

- Manner Aktuell (Das Bel Ami Album, Sept 1997)
- Jock Magazine - April 1997
- Muffins’ Interview (online) - Feb 1998

For Muffins’ Interview with Chance, visit Bel Ami

-Select Video-
- An American in Prague, 1997 (VHS and DVD)
- Johan’s Big Chance, 1998 (softcore)
- All About Bel Ami, 2001 (documentary)
- It Happened By Chance (available at Club2001)

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